Test service: to measure is to know

YES's yard has had a test rig since 2014. The rig is equipped with all the relevant facilities and more than 160 sensors, so that overhauled engines can be tested in detail.

To measure is to know

The test rig has been designed so that the exact situation on board can be reproduced. There is room for two engines. The engines can be test run with a load by means of electrical resistance and the RPM's and torque are measured. Temperature, pressure, fuel, emissions, supercharger pressure and output are also measured. All the details are shown on ten displays in the control room. Everything is filmed as well so that certain tests can be reviewed. Clients are more than welcome to see the engine being tested.

All this information means that YES is able to tune engines to perfection. Once all of the tests have been completed, the reports are handed over to the client and the engine is ready to be installed.


The test rig can also be used for the information necessary for classification (for Lloyds' and Bureau Veritas). Engines that have been altered because of emission regulations can also be tested for new certification.

Maximum reliability

Once the engine has got through the tests in the rig, everything is done to make sure that a good product is supplied. The chance of complications after installation on board is therefore very small. That's a reassuring thought for both the client and YES, particularly because YES installs overhauled engines all over the world.

Test rig energy

A lot of energy is produced by engines during test runs, and it's almost always wasted. We hate waste at YES, and that's why we designed our test rig carefully. We are proud of the fact that it's almost completely energy neutral. The energy that's generated by the engines during the tests is converted into electricity. This electricity can then be used by our company and any energy that's left over is resupplied to Delta N.V.'s network.

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