Jan de Braal started working in his parent's family business at the age of 17. The business was then active in groundwork, road construction and hydraulic engineering. In the technical maintenance department, De Braal looked after the machines, most of which had an American Caterpillar engine.

Thanks to the various engines in the company, De Braal learnt to solve diverse problems. He was able to apply this experience when he was later asked to repair ship engines for the shellfish fleet in Yerseke as an independent engineer.

Yerseke Engine Services

In 1990, Jan de Braal decided to start Yerseke Engine Services, a company specialising in the repair and overhaul of Caterpillar motors. The company's formula was: personal contact with the clients, good products and very fast service.

New build Kreeft 21

The YES formula was, and still is, appreciated by clients. The company grew in the nineties and it was decided to start building larger and modern premises, Kreeft 21, on the Olzendepolder industrial park in Yerseke in 2000.

In the first decade of the new millennium, the number of clients kept growing. YES engineers were providing their services far beyond the Netherlands' borders. From northern France to Panama, from Scotland to Qatar, engineers were travelling everywhere to help clients.


The company's premises were expanded in 2013. A part of the expansion was a complete Caterpillar test rig. Engines that have been overhauled can be extensively tested in the yard before being replaced in your ship with lightning speed.

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