Good maintenance is important. If engines are regularly checked, they can achieve their maximum service life. At Yerseke Engine Services, you're at the right address for reliable and fast service.

Maintenance with or without a contract

YES can provide maintenance for your engines with, or without, a contract. Whether a maintenance contract is worthwhile depends entirely on your situation. Together, we can look at what's most sensible for you. Even if you don't have a maintenance contract with us, you can be sure of our excellent service. Either way, we'll ensure that you can keep sailing.

Customized maintenance

Many of our clients have periods when they work more, and periods when they work less. In this case, customized maintenance may be an attractive option for you. Maintenance is then carried out based on the number of hours actually worked and not on a particular period of time. YES therefore anticipates the actual need for maintenance as well as your company's situation.

Remote Access Control

Most of the time, our clients know themselves when maintenance is needed. The number of operational hours is generally checked. As an additional service, we offer Remote Access Control of your engines. This way, YES is able to check your engines remotely. We can see if it is time for maintenance. We can also get a readout of the engine performance if there is a breakdown. This allows us to get a good picture of what's going on in the engine room.

When and wherever

Maintenance is always carried out in consultation with the client. We're flexible and we work out together where maintenance can best be carried out. It's no problem at all if you happen to be abroad at that moment. We'll come to you.

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