Do you want to, or do you have to, switch to a Caterpillar engine? That's no problem at all for Yerseke Engine Services. We have everything you need - reverse gear, coolers, dampers and engines - in stock. You can be sailing again within six weeks.


With re-motorisation, we replace your current engine with a completely reconditioned Caterpillar engine which meets the latest regulations. With your permission, we also take the opportunity to evaluate the entire ship. Together, we look at whether the ship can be made smarter by replacing conventional technology with 'intelligent steel' in the engine room. This is a significant upgrade for a ship.

Engine room renovation

We renovate engine rooms entirely ourselves. Our engineers understand the engines through and through and know precisely what's needed. Because the whole project is carried out by YES, you can be confident that everything is well coordinated. The result of re-motorisation is usually spectacular: your ship is sailing in two to six weeks with ultra modern engines which comply with the latest regulations.

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