Would you like to work for Yerseke Engine Services? Then don't hesitate to apply. Even if your qualifications don't quite match. We'll happily look at the possibilities with you. There are diverse positions at YES and opportunities to train. If you really want to work for us, we will find a way to make it work.

Learning on the job.

Various diesel engineers and technicians in training work at YES. They go to college on set days and they work at YES on the other days. This will enable you to earn money and gain experience while studying. Is this something that suits you? Send an open application consisting of a covering letter and CV.

Accredited learning provider

Yerseke Engine Services is an accredited Innovam and Kenteq learning provider. We also offer an apprentice scheme in collaboration with the Albeda College in Rotterdam. This means that you are taught in the company and at school. Most of the time, you go to college for one day and you work for four days at YES.

Internship company

YES is an internship company for 'Davinci College' in Dodrecht. Diverse sorts of internship are available - job tasters, orientation placements, etc. can be discussed. We are particularly looking for level 4 Electrical Engineering and level 4 Engineering Management students. Please send an application consisting of two parts, a CV and a covering letter, which will be used to select candidates for an interview. Your reasons for wanting to work with us will be important for us. Also be aware that working at YES means that you will be working hard from day one.

Continuous learning

The world of maritime diesel engines and generator sets continues to develop. YES wants to provide its clients with the latest technology, and keeping apace of the developments is crucial. The company therefore regularly organises training evenings for its staff. YES facilitates this training, and in return, we expect a positive attitude and the will to develop yourself. You’ll never finish learning at YES.

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