Working for YES

Yerseke Engine Services is always looking for staff who have an enthusiasm for ships' engines. If you're prepared to immerse yourself in the subject and to constantly improve, working at YES might be just right for you.


People with a passion for Caterpillar, ships' engines work at YES. They're also dedicated to helping the client fast and professionally, wherever the client happens to find himself.


YES's approach excels in speed and expertise. If you want to work for YES, then you'll be interested in developments in the area of diesel engines and you'll want to learn about them. The fast service which we offer the client demands flexibility. You won't know in the morning what your day is going to be like and you won't always know where you're going to end up. If projects have to be finished, we don't put it off till tomorrow but we keep working until it’s done.

Short lines

YES is a family business with short lines of communication, direct feedback and a lot of mutual consultation and co-operation. There's an informal atmosphere within the company.


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