Caterpillar Engines

Caterpillar Inc. is an American company which develops diesel engines and generators for the shipping industry. The company also produces gas turbines and heavy machinery for the mining industry, road construction and hydraulic engineering.

Caterpillar tracks

At the end of the 19th century Daniel Best, Charles Henry Holt and Benjamin Holt tried to adapt steam tractors for agriculture. A tractor would be an enormous step forwards in arable farming but there was a problem. The steam tractors were so heavy that they kept getting stuck in soft soil. In search of a solution, there were experiments in 1904 with the idea of taking the road with the tractor: caterpillar tracks.

Even though it would be years before the concept could be used, it was still a breakthrough. Caterpillar tracks would lead to a revolution in the mine industry and the construction of roads and waterways.Transport was made possible in areas which had previously been inaccessible.

The discovery would also have a huge affect outside agriculture. Caterpillar tracks made the development of the armoured vehicle possible: the tank.

Illinois, USA

Caterpillar - often abbreviated as CAT - was set up in 1925. More than 98,000 people currently work for the company. The company's headquarters are in Peoria, Illinois, United States. It is a listed company on the NYSE. CAT has a worldwide network of 220 dealerships in 157 countries.

Caterpillar Marine Power

Caterpillar is a market leader in the area of medium to fast maritime diesel engines. The company also develops made-to-measure generator sets and auxiliary engines. CAT focuses on the following maritime sectors: cruise ships, ferry boats, freight transport, government services, pleasure boats, inland shipping, dredgers, utility and salvage vessels and the fishing industry.

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